Saturday, 2 May 2015

It's Been Waiting For You...

The first step off the airplane is always a captivating moment for me. Usually when travelling my family and I tend to opt for warmer destinations such as a Greek island or the Spanish seaside, so I’m used to stepping off the plane and being immediately hit with a warm gust of air and the bright foreign sunshine. However, this time it was refreshing to be faced with bitter winds and the magical night sky of the city for a change.

In the October of 2013, I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Big Apple, New York City. It’s very cliché to say, I know, but it was a holiday I will never forget. It felt as if I was on a movie set with the sky high buildings towering above me and the yellow taxis speeding down the bustling streets. It’s a destination that is definitely imprinted in my mind and somewhere I long to return to one day.

Even though we were only in the city for three days, a whole lot of exploring was done! We made a visit to the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, countless cafes and bars (Olive Garden was my favourite without a doubt, their salad is to die for!!) and of course, we did a whole load of shopping!

 The holiday was filled with memorable moments, however a treasured moment from the trip for me, was the night we landed. We hailed for a taxi and lugged our suitcases into the boot (or trunk should I say). My sister, mum and I took a seat in the back whilst my Dad was in the front. As we drove away from the airport, I stared out of the window familiarising myself with these new surroundings. The inside of the taxi was silent, purely due to the fascination of what surrounded us. This exact moment I remember as if it happened yesterday, seeing the city skylines and sparkling gleaming lights was truly mesmerising.