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About Me and My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog, Little Box of Treasures.

Thank you if you made it this far!

I can't draw to save my life but I love being creative, so I tend to stick to reading and writing! I started this blog just as a creative outlet to share things I enjoy, however I ran out of ideas and didn't post for months.
It was so frustrating because I really wanted to post but I just didn't know what to write! I found what I had already posted already very dull and a little bit boring - it didn't really reflect me as a person.
I think I was just scared to truly be myself online, but I figured if I continue to drop ideas that I love to write about and focus on posts that hide my personality, I'm just going to get stuck in a cycle of not knowing what to write!

So I've overhauled my blog and I will write whatever comes to my mind, whether it be travel based or something personal based on something I'm going through.

Anyway, apologies for my rambling and I hope you enjoy my blog! It's definitely a work in process, but so far I'm proud :-)

Bisoux, Kathryn!

(All photos are my own unless stated otherwise)

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